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A Reminder About Other Resources From CALMC

This week, I want to remind you of another resource for information about employee involvement and labor-management cooperation, our Facebook page. Meredith has posted links to a number of videos on labor-management collaboration. They provide quick links to see hoe … Continue reading

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Do You Work With Superman?

Does you work with Superman? I’m thinking about the person who thinks they can handle it all on their own. They believe they can leap tall buildings, solve all problems, motivate employees by their mere presence, and handle everything. There … Continue reading

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The Most Important Question to Ask When Solving Problems

Lately, the news has reported on a number of problems facing us. It may be insurance policies being cancelled. It might be the debt ceiling. It could be any of the issues currently in the news or the papers (remember … Continue reading

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Prioritizing a Brainstormed List

One of the most commonly used tools in any group process is brainstorming. Employee involvement teams use this tool when identifying problems, examining interests, finding possible solutions to an issue, and other times. If a team brainstorms effectively, they will … Continue reading

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