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How Leadership Can Create That “We” Culture

We’ve blogged the last few weeks about the need for both unions and corporations to have effective leadership and we gave both “to-do” lists.  One of the items on the corporate “to-do” list was to establish a “we” culture. In … Continue reading

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Do You Know: What is the Most Important Skill for Labor and Management Leaders?

Over the past few weeks, we have written about the responsibilities of both labor and management in meeting the needs of today’s workforce. Today, I want to focus on the most important quality for both: leadership. Do not confuse leadership … Continue reading

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Time To Get Back To The “We” Era

The last several blogs have focused on unions and how they have helped the U.S. both socially and economically.  We also looked at unions themselves and what they need to do for any future comeback.  This week, we’re going to … Continue reading

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Reshaping Unions for the Future – Involving Younger Employees

In earlier articles, we’ve offered some thoughts on the role of unions in the workplace. Today, I want to share some other ideas on unions and what they need to do to maintain relevance with today’s workers. Last week, we … Continue reading

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Did You Know Unions Are More Popular With Younger Workers?

We’ve been blogging on the need for unions and how they can help improve the country  and how they helped  in the past.  Last week’s blog said there is the possibility of a union comeback actually occurring.  There is potential … Continue reading

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