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Do You Know: How Would Your Co-Workers Answer These Questions

When we begin work with a new organization we first need to learn as much as we can about them. We want to know about their strengths and problem areas so we can focus our efforts on ways to improve … Continue reading

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How Often Do You Sit Down To Talk To Employees?

Have you ever sat down with employees to discuss how their work is going, or what support they need to help with issues they encounter?  Have you ever discussed career development plans with employees?  How about seeking the input or … Continue reading

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Addressing Conflict in Labor-Management and Other Settings – Part Two

In my last blog, I wrote about conflict. Some people fear conflict, believing it can destroy relationships. Others encourage it, and some go out of their way to foment it. Neither of these behaviors are healthy. We must recognize disagreements … Continue reading

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Reflecting Back

Last week we in the U. S. celebrated Independence Day or 4th of July, the celebration of our country’s birthday.  It’s a great summer time holiday with family, friends, cook outs and fireworks!  For many people it’s a freedom celebration … Continue reading

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