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Union Stereotypes – They May Not Be What You Think

A couple of weeks ago, we blogged about the George Meany Awards Banquet in central Ohio.¬† We highlighted those who received the rewards and their service contribution to the community.¬† Most of them were affiliated with a union or a … Continue reading

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What is Worse Than Information Overload?

At times we all feel we are in information overload. There are so many facts and details we need to consider when making decisions it can seem overwhelming. This week I found a magazine article dealing with this problem. Written … Continue reading

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Congratulations To Those Making A Difference In The Community!

George Meany worked his way up through the union to become president of the AFL in 1952. In 1955, he was behind the merger of the American Federation of Labor, which included the skilled trades, and the Congress of Industrial … Continue reading

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The News of the Week: The Supreme Court and Fair Share Fees

This week, the United States Supreme Court issued it ruling in the case of Friedrichs v.¬†California Teachers Association, and public sector unions breathed a sigh of relief. For those not familiar with the case, it dealt with whether public sector … Continue reading

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