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The Last Thing To Do In Your Meetings

Hopefully, you have read and followed the suggestions in this blog about holding effective meetings. We have offered ideas about agendas, meeting duration, and other ideas to help you get the most from your time together. Today, we want to … Continue reading

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How You Can Have a Productive One Hour Meeting With Your Employees

A few weeks ago, we blogged about meetings and provided a suggestion for having a productive one-hour meeting. This week the blog is going to expand on that thought by giving more detail on how it can work. You may … Continue reading

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Did You Know: Employee Engagement in Health Care Can Improve the Ratings of a Hospital

We have written several blog posts about the role of employee engagement in improving the delivery of health care. This week we have additional evidence of this impact. The teams at Kaiser Permanente, a leading provider of health care and … Continue reading

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What Does Voting, Employee Engagement and Member Participation Have in Common?

This week the U. S. midterm election was held. Unfortunately, voter turnout in most states this year was lower than midterms, 2010,(,and, here in Ohio, the turnout was the lowest in recent years(—low-turnout.html). Voting gives people a right to have … Continue reading

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Helping the Real Job Creators

This week, economist and former U.S. Secretary of Labor Dr. Robert Reich made what seemed to me to be a common sense statement: “Corporations don’t create jobs. Customers do. So when all the economic gains go to the top, as … Continue reading

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