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Do You Know: Will You Be Ready for Your Workplace Changes?

I read an article this week on determining training needs for incumbent workers. While the article presented the management responsibilities on this issue, I believe it is really a shared responsibility. Think about your workplace. Has your job changed over … Continue reading

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Despite The Divisiveness, We Still Can Work Together

We are reminded daily about the divisive world we live in.  Whether it’s in our government and politics, the different cultures we may encounter, or simply interacting with each other, our ability to get along with one another sometimes appears … Continue reading

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Did You Know: You Can Point Out a Problem Even If You Do Not Have a Solution

We hear it all the time, whether it is from someone with whom we work or from others. Someone says “Don’t come to me with a problem unless you have a solution.” This is a terrible idea. It is possible … Continue reading

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If You Want To Change Culture, You May Have To Change Yourself

When a workplace decides to change its culture that allows for worker voice, it’s more than a change of the environment.  It’s about leadership changes, and that includes leaders having to change themselves.  Culture change is not an easy process.  … Continue reading

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