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Communications Begins with Effective Listening

It seems like when we first meet with labor-management groups they have complaints about communications in their organizations. We see issues with the ability of both labor and management to effectively communicate with each other. There are numerous causes for … Continue reading

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There Is No “I” In Team

We have blogged many times about the need for worker voice whether that be in unionized or non-union work environments.  We also have identified many sources who also agree with us about the need for worker voice. We’ve recently blogged … Continue reading

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Building Futures – Preparing Graduates for a Better Future

We are entering the graduation season. Whether students will don caps, gowns, hoods, or be in less formal settings, it represents a progression. For some, it is a time for educational pursuits to reach their conclusion, while for others, it … Continue reading

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Quality Is About Leadership and Working Together

There have been multiple reports on the Boeing Max 737 disasters and also several other articles about ongoing quality problems at Boeing.  The New York Times recently did an investigation that included problems at the South Carolina plant where workers’ … Continue reading

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