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Do You Have Time Limits on Meeting Agendas? Here Is Why You Should Not

We are often asked about putting time limits on items when constructing agendas. Many committees depend on these limits to keep the agenda moving. When we do agendas, we rarely use time limits. We have had very few committees that … Continue reading

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Dealing With Difficult People

There was an article recently about employees to terminate immediately.  They classified them as non-believers, victims and know-it-alls.  All 3 types had to go before you knew anything else about them or LISTENED to what they said.  The question I … Continue reading

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Survey Reports Employee Involvement At An All-Time Low

I read another article this week about employee engagement. Once again, employee engagement levels are at an all time low. The results of a Gallup Poll survey not only found 71% of workers are not engaged in their work, it … Continue reading

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The Push for Right-to-Work

There have been a lot of articles this week about right-to-work laws. Unfortunately, they are not just reprints from the 1950’s. Fueled by the passage of right-to-work legislation in Indiana, the topic has been getting attention in newspapers, journals, and … Continue reading

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