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The Impact of Immigration on Workers in the U.S. – May Not Be What You Think

One of the things we’ve mentioned on here many times is groups need to have facts when solving problems.  Solving problems with what you think you know doesn’t solve the problem.  Sometimes it makes it worse.  It’s the same for … Continue reading

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Some Insights on Current Trends in Labor-Management Relations

Last week I heard a speaker discussing how the labor-management environment has changed over the last few years, and would like to share a couple of his points with you. Mike Duco, Labor Relations Manager for the City of Columbus … Continue reading

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Union Stereotypes and Myths Part 2

This week we’re doing a continuation of one of our more popular blogs, union stereotypes.  There are so many stereotypes or myths about unions being circulated we decided it was time to counter a few more of them.  Listed below … Continue reading

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Did You Know: Even Michael Jordan Missed Game Winners?

When we work with teams to develop their problem-solving skills, they often express a familiar worry, “What if we are not successful?” Team members may be concerned they will not be able to solve the problems they face. They may … Continue reading

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Why Is Labor-Management Cooperation Not Being Used For Economic Development?

A couple of weeks ago, we addressed the issue of labor-management cooperation as an economic development tool.  Something, we said, that is needed to address the economic issues in communities across the U. S.  Who else but the people that … Continue reading

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