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For a lot of our friends, it’s the holiday season so this week our message is simple, Happy Holidays to all no matter what holiday you have or will be celebrating – and maybe it’s celebrating life – which can … Continue reading

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Avoid the Problem-Solving Cifff

For the last few weeks, just about every news cast has featured stories about the impending “fiscal cliff” facing us in the United States. Politicians and their supporters have dug in their heels, taken their positions, and are holding on … Continue reading

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Another Topic for Employee Engagement: Violence Prevention

I saw an interesting article a while ago about guidelines for preventing workplace violence. If your workplace has not developed or updated its violence prevention plans, it will give you some ideas to get started. If you are wondering what … Continue reading

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Group Problem Solving – It is Important to Be Objective

We recently worked with a group recently that was dealing with a significant problem facing their organization. It quickly became clear they were falling into one of the major pitfalls of problem solving. Some members of the group came into … Continue reading

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