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The Mutual Interests of the First Thanksgiving and Current Times

This week’s blog is very short because of the Thanksgiving holiday but the holiday does present some good lessons for current times and employers and workers. The Pilgrims left England for freedom of religion , and in many ways, freedom … Continue reading

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Did You Know: What Can Cause Teams to Fail?

Teamwork is a powerful thing. It enables organizations to move forward and resolve difficult issues that could not be handled using any other strategy. We have seen groups use the power of teamwork to resolve problems and remove roadblocks in … Continue reading

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Students Need to Learn About Worker Voice, Too!

Last week we were at an educational campus where two different schools are on the same campus. Staff from both schools got together and talked about the need to get students more involved in campus activities, planning those activities and … Continue reading

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What is the Mission of Your Organization?

Last week I got an annual report from a company. On the front cover was their mission statement: “Empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more.” It sounds very ambitious, doesn’t it? It certainly sets a … Continue reading

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So, You’re Tired of Hearing About Employee Engagement?

Why? Is it because you don’t understand what the term means? Do you have a misconception what it means to engage employees? Do you not believe in engaging employees? Or maybe you tried employee engagement and nothing happened? Or maybe … Continue reading

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