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Turnover Doesn’t Need To Happen

A few months ago, there was an article in The Cleveland Plain Dealer, or, that  provided some perspective as to  why employees quit  their jobs.  Some of the reasons included  a lack of respect  from the supervisor or manager, … Continue reading

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Did You Know: Raising Pay and Providing Training Helps The Bottom Line?

Companies are often reluctant to invest in employees. Training is one of the first areas to be slashed when budgets tighten and is often one of the last to be restored. Fortunately, some employers have begun to realize the value … Continue reading

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Are We Too Focused On Technology?

This week I read GE is doing away with the annual performance review and replacing it with … app!  This app is amazing because it will finally do what the performance review couldn’t do and provide immediate feedback so emphasis … Continue reading

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Did You Know: Labor-Management Partnerships in Health Care Improve Patient Outcomes?

When Dr. W. Edwards Deming, the father of the Quality Management process, was asked how he would know when the transformation to quality was successful he gave the same answer: when it is adopted in healthcare. Clearly there were significant … Continue reading

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