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More on the Impact of Millennials and Unions

A couple of weeks ago we began to look at the impact Millennials may have on organized labor. The answers were surprising. In that blog entry, we looked at the successful organizing efforts of employees in electronic publishing, computer, and … Continue reading

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U. S. Presidents Encourage Unions, Employee Engagement Processes

Last week the White House hosted a summit to discuss ways workers can be more involved in the workplace such as forming and joining unions or, in the case of non-union facilities, just playing a role or being engaged in … Continue reading

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Do You Know: What Impact Will Millennials Have on Unions?

We have written previous entries about the workplace changes brought about by increasing numbers of millennials in the workforce. We have looked at the factors that affect their workplace satisfaction and retention. This time, we want to consider their impact … Continue reading

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CALMC Adds Two More Titles to Our On-Line Training Programs

This week, CALMC added new programs to our on-demand training library. Developing Leadership Together is the newest program in our Webinar series. This presentation examines the benefits of cooperative leadership in an organization, providing some ideas on how to get … Continue reading

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Did You Know: There May Be a Link Between Union Membership and the Economic Future of Children

We know that union membership in the workplace is at an historic low level. We have read about the efforts of some politicians to further weaken unions and, in doing so, strengthen the hand of management. Did you know the … Continue reading

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