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The Gig Economy May Not Be Good For Workers Or Employers

The gig economy has received a lot of attention within the last few years because of the creation of Uber, Lyft and some of the other technology driven enterprises.  This has raised awareness about workers being misclassified or not being … Continue reading

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What is Behind Wage Stagnation?

Last time, we wrote about the positive impact on wages created by unions, even for non-union workers. This time, we will look at a less positive trend involving earnings. We will start with some good news. In Ohio, as in … Continue reading

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For Organizations To Be Successful, They Need to Help Employees Be Successful

In Bloomberg this week they wrote about Amazon’s plan, Pivot, to help with employee performance.  Pivot is to help employees placed on PIP (Performance Improvement Plan) and also help them remain as Amazon employees.   Apparently, PIP did little to help … Continue reading

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