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Work-Live Balance Helps Both Workplace and Economy

This week in the U. S.  we celebrate Memorial Day.  Memorial Day is a day to honor the memory of those that are no longer with us and also to honor those who sacrificed their lives to protect us. It … Continue reading

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The Promise of Jobs – Does it Require Unions?

Every politician and candidate sings the same mantra, “Jobs, Jobs, Jobs”. It is what voters want to hear, but accomplishing the goal takes both long-term planning and a willingness to make tough choices, abilities candidates seem to lose after they … Continue reading

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Impact of Health Care Changes To Both Employers and Employees

Two weeks ago, President Trump and House Republicans succeeded in their attempt to dismantle Affordable Care, or better known as Obamacare.  The bill from the House still has a long way to go and could change in its final form.  … Continue reading

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Don’t Let Your Current Success Block Your Vision

Many factors can keep organizations from being successful, but one of the most damaging is a lack of vision. Unless we know where we want to head and develop effective strategies for accomplishing our vision, we will fail. One of … Continue reading

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