Three Things About a Union-Based Charitable Project

This week, our Columbus Area Labor-Management Committee membership meeting featured a presentation about a national charitable project that will be coming to Columbus this spring. The project provides an opportunity for local unions, other groups, and you to become involved.

  1. About the Project

A Soldier’s Journey Home is a not-for-profit organization primarily comprised of current and retired firefighters and retired veterans from over fourteen states. Originally organized over 14 years ago by firefighters who survived the 9-11 attacks, they now focus their charitable efforts toward severely injured veterans.

Each year the organization selects a severely wounded veteran and builds a home for them and their families. This year, they will build the Melroy Cort Family an ADA compliant mortgage free smart home just outside of Columbus, Ohio.  Their home will be constructed in 12 days starting on June 1st and completed on June 13th 2020.

More information about Cpl. Cort and his story can be found on the organization’s web site. We first heard of the project at a meeting we attended and wanted our membership to know more about it. Our membership meeting featured John Capretta from the Columbus Division of Fire and Local 67 of the International Association of Fire Fighters, who helped bring the project to Columbus.

Success of the project comes from a partnership between the volunteers from A Soldier’s Journey Home and the local community. Members from several union locals in the Columbus area will assist with building the home. Along with other community groups, they will also provide and serve meals for the volunteers, logistical support, and meet other needs to enable the project to be successful.

  1. How You Can Be a Part

Both before and during construction, help will be needed to make the project happen. Volunteers do not have to be proficient in construction as there are a variety of ways to help. Financial contributions, food donations, and other items are needed.

At our meeting, unions and community groups expressed a desire to help with everything from labor to meals to furniture. We expect the project will receive media coverage and local volunteers will be recognized.

Want to be a part of the project and help a deserving family? Email John Capretta for more information about the opportunities available for you or your group to be part of providing a soldier’s journey home. Your contributions are tax-deductible.

  1. There Are Opportunities to Help in Your Community

This project is just one example of unions working together to help others in their community.  While they may not all be on the scale of this project, they do help children, families, and communities. If you are a union member, ask your local leaders about the things your locals or the Central Labor Council do. If you are not in a union, your support will still be welcome. Contact the Central Labor Council serving your community or ask your local United Way.


Unions do not do these projects solely to receive publicity, they work to help their communities. Your support will help them accomplish this purpose.

We will keep you posted about the progress of A Soldier’s Journey Home this spring. If you want to learn more about the organization visit their web site, which also contains videos showing the construction of homes over the last few years.


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