CALMC Releases New On-Demand Video and Podcast

This week CALMC added two new on-line resources to our website. These complement the training and information already on our site.

The newest entry in our Quick Takes video series deals with consensus decision making. While this form of decision making can result in better, stronger decisions that can be supported by everyone on your team, those new to the process may question how well it works.

Some people do not believe they can make decisions everyone will be able to support or fear the process will take too long to be practical.

Groups using consensus decision making can benefit from help with the process. That’s one of the reasons we have a video dealing with the consensus process on our web site.

Our new video is a companion resource for those using consensus. It is the first of two programs that present Frequently Asked Questions about how the process works. We hope you will enjoy the program and find it useful. You can watch the video by going to our web site and clicking on the On Demand tab. You can select a video by clicking on Quick Takes.

Videos are also available on our You Tube channel. The new video is here. As you watch, please let us know your questions about consensus. We plan to produce a second part of this program and would like to incorporate your ideas.

Earlier this year we also began planning a series of Podcasts about labor-management topics. We have added a new podcast to this list, the first of a series honoring the memory of Eugene Brundige.

Gene served both as a union leader, a manager, and as a neutral during his long career. He also served as a member of the CALMC Board of Trustees. In this series, which was recorded shortly before his death in 2017, Gene spoke of his work in the labor movement, the origins of public sector collective bargaining in Ohio, and his experiences from over 40 years as a leader in the process.

The current program is the first of five planned podcasts on Gene and his career. You can hear this and our other podcasts by going to our website, clicking the On Demand tab, ands selecting Podcasts. You can also go directly to this podcast by clicking here.

We plan to add more presentations to both or video library and our podcasts as we move forward, so please check back often and see what’s new.


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