Thinking About the Storm

Did you spend time this weekend watching the Weather Channel? I did, mostly to check on conditions in South Carolina during and after the storm, but also just out of curiosity. Fortunately, our home in Charleston appears to have come through without major damage, but watching brought a few things to mind:

  • People come together during crisis to do great things. Watching the video of volunteers out during the storm to rescue people and afterwards to help with cleanup reminded me of the power of working together.

    We need to remember it does not take a crisis to work together. Employees and employers can help improve their workplaces and grow opportunities for growth.

  • The more people prepared in advance, the better off they could be. The pre-storm warnings reminded people to prepare their hurricane survival kits, including non-perishable food, water, batteries, and other important items. Even if they had to evacuate, residents with these items were better prepared for what they would face.

    Employee teams also need to be prepared. Their tools will include an effective problem solving process, training in how to work together effectively, and a commitment to working together. With these tools, teams can be better prepared to face whatever happens.

  • Those who waited until the storm approached found it was too late to purchase necessary items for their survival kits. They were faced with long lines for gas and bare store shelves.

    Employers that wait until the crisis is at hand may find it difficult or impossible to overcome the problems. That is why we encourage teams to be proactive, identifying and correcting potential causes of problems before they occur.

  • No matter how well you prepare, there can still be surprises. On Folly Beach, South Carolina, over a dozen unexploded Civil War cannon balls were unearthed by the storm. Nearby residents were told they may hear explosions.

    You may also discover some surprises (hopefully not this dangerous), but if you have an effective team process you will be more able to decide what needs to be done to fix the problem over both the short and long term.

  • If you see Jim Cantore coming into your community, it’s time to run.

    Don’t wait to begin your team process. The time to start or sharpen your process is now. We can help you develop your tools to be better able to head off the next crisis.


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