Students Need to Learn About Worker Voice, Too!

Last week we were at an educational campus where two different schools are on the same campus. Staff from both schools got together and talked about the need to get students more involved in campus activities, planning those activities and providing them with some team building and leadership skills that will help them get some practical experience for the ” real world workplace.” We were at the meeting to talk about what we can provide on team building and leadership training. Not only was it a great plan for students, it was also great for the two institutions to display a positive example of working together.

All colleges provide lots of training on specific knowledge to do a specific job but they can’t always give the practical experience to provide the necessary “people skills” that help students learn how to work together on the job. That’s not a complaint. There’s only so much time colleges have to prepare students for their future jobs. And once again, there are many out there that feel those type of skills don’t need to be taught because those are supposedly innate skills but if that were the case, workplaces wouldn’t necessarily have the problems and there wouldn’t have to be reminders to involve and engage workers.

And even though these students are of the generation demanding to have a voice in the workplace, they may not always have the understanding of how to go about that or what to do once they have it. Again, colleges teach the skills for the job but not necessarily on how to get the job doneĀ  through others. They may talk about it but students need to know why it’s necessary and how to go about it. The opportunity to provide students some practical skills is wonderful because now we may be able to teach a new generation of workers that can hopefully help workplaces.

A big applause goes out to these staff people who want to take the extra step of helping students experience some valuable work life skills. If this project comes to fruition, it will not only teach skills but allow students to have a voice in making some positive changes in their environment which is very positive for them but it also gives them a very similar situation to workplace employee engagement.

We often joke we have done training for groups from cradle to grave meaning we’ve been involved with nursing staff in a hospital nursery and we also worked with a coroner’s office. Now, we can say we’re helping to shape workers and workplaces of the future by working with the students and their workplace skills.

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