What Impacts Your Job Satisfaction?

What factors are most important to your job satisfaction? Look at the following 6 factors and rate them in terms of their significance to you.


Performing Meaningful Work

High Pay

Sense of Accomplishment

Challenging Work

High Level of Self-Expression

High Level of Responsibility


We all place different levels of importance on these items based on our personal values. We are most likely to be satisfied in our jobs if we believe our employer and managers share our view of the importance of these items, and our views are in line with the company vision.

How would your boss (or your employees) rank these items? A recent article examines research which points out significant discrepancies in how managers and millennials (employees under age 35) view factors related to job satisfaction.

The results of a study by venture capitalist Mary Meeker show key differences in what millennials find are the most important factors in determining career success and what their managers think they want. The table below shows the percent of each group that ranked each factor as most important.


Meaningful Work 11% 30%
High Pay 48% 27%
Sense of Accomplishment 11% 24%
Challenging Work 8% 10%
High Level of Self-Expression 9% 6%
High Level of Responsibility 12% 3%

While nearly half of managers believe high pay is most important to millennials, only 27% of younger employees placed the most significance on this factor. The greatest percentage of millennials placed the most importance on engaging in meaningful work, while only 11% of managers shared this value.

How did your results compare to those in the study? Were you surprised by the outcomes? Your answers reflect your personal vales which are based in a number of factors, including age and experiences. It is reasonable to expect that employees of different age groups would place different levels of importance on these factors.

Why is this important to your workplace? If managers and any group of employees place different values on aspects of their jobs, finding the best ways to motivate these employees or make them feel like part of a team will be more difficult. I will be more difficult to retain employees who do not believe their values are aligned with the company.

How do you find out what is important to employees and managers in your organization? Ask them. A workplace assessment can take a snapshot of the opinions of your employees and provide information to managers and employee involvement teams. These teams can use these facts to decide how to best meet the needs of employees.

This is where we can help. CALMC has extensive experience in conducting workplace climate assessments and analyzing the data to produce usable information. We can train new or existing worker involvement teams to effectively utilize this information to the benefit of your organization and its employees and managers.

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