Do You Know: What Do Half of the Electricians in Columbus Have in Common, and What it Means to Your Employer?

Our recent CALMC Membership Meeting featured organizations that provide extensive training programs for their employees. While many employers have significantly scaled back or eliminated training, the four organizations we highlighted have recognized the importance of having a trained workforce.

Our members heard from the Citywide Training Department of the City of Columbus, Plumbers and Pipefitters Local Union 189 Training Center, the Union Education Trust of the Ohio Civil Service Employees Association, and the Electrical Trades Center of the IBEW Local 683 and the Central Ohio Chapter of the NECA.

A great deal of good information about the training programs was presented, but one fact in the presentation by Steve Lipster, Training Manager of the IBEW/NECA Electrical Trades Center really struck home. He reported the average age of electricians in Columbus is 48 years old.

The obvious positive to be taken from that fact is that most Columbus electricians possess a great deal of experience. The potential downside of this is equally evident.

If the average age is 48, within the next 10 years a large number of electricians will be nearing retirement or already out of the workforce. I would expect the same to be true of other skilled trades and professional employees, probably including your colleagues in your business.

How is your organization planning to deal with this? Have you begun looking at ways to retain your existing employees and determine how you will recruit new people? Could your company be in danger not just of losing is most experienced people, but also younger employees who leave for your competitors?

If you are not prepared to deal with these issues, it is time to start. You cannot afford to wait. One method is to involve your employees in helping with employee retention and recruitment. Existing employees can help you determine the best ways to accomplish these goals through their knowledge of the organization and what it is like to work there.

What is the average age of your key employees, and how can this impact your organization? If you need help in planning your strategies and involving your employees in the process, contact CALMC.

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