The 2015 Workplace

We are now in the third month of a new year but it does not stop us from reviewing some of the 2015 predictions that were posted in December.

The Time magazine website has predictions for workers and the workplace. There are about 13 of them and some of them are interesting to consider.

The writer mentions wellness programs will become more numerous to help with healthcare costs. Healthier employees will help save costs. The writer provides an example of an app that helps to track the usage of the wellness program so employers can determine if they are getting a return on investment. Employers probably need to be careful how they are using the information they receive. How will that information be used? Can they determine who specifically is using the program and are there any repercussions if an employee is not using it? The app also implies employees are not engaged and are unproductive because they don’t have healthy lifestyles and employers have to push them to become healthy which will miraculously create engaged and productive employees. Maybe that will happen depending on the environment. This is not saying wellness programs are bad. Wellness programs are great but only when they are done appropriately. There’s no correlation between wellness programs and healthy employees. Wellness programs may help but there are still those who are engaged in a healthy lifestyle but can also have cancer or heart issues. It wasn’t that long ago a report came out that said there was no way to predict who would have cancer and who would not. Will there be a penalty for not following the wellness program and what about those who follow it but have cancer or another serious illness? Do they get penalized? The concern is for those employers who don’t think about these issues with their wellness plan and there will be those who don’t – guaranteed.

One of the other predictions is the 2015 workplace is continuing to reduce work space to save money which also creates more telecommuting to take place. Technology is helping to create smaller and smaller workplaces so the need for employees to go to a physical work location is being reduced or even eliminated. This has some pluses and negatives which employers and employees need to consider. This issue has been a topic of great discussion in some of the labor-management meetings we have facilitated. New work policies and rules need to be addressed. Will everybody in the workplace have the option to work from home? These are a couple of the issues are discussed in meetings. It’s not as easy as it may appear.

Another workplace prediction the writer talks about the legalization of marijuana could create the need for HR departments to address this issue in the workplace. Workplace policies will need to be re-written to coincide with new state laws where pot is legal. The writer also predicts more jobs may be created as a result of legalization because workplaces will need to have people available to help with some of the problems that could occur.

And finally there is also this one. The writer mentions the marijuana growers will create their own industry or other industries related to it which may be a source of job creation – not without its own set of issues! Please note the sarcasm with this.

Those are just some of the predictions in the article. The writer suggests not only will there be more jobs in specific areas but the type of work that will be created will be different also. It’s an interesting article. The link is below.

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