Is the Time Right for Employee Engagement?

Is it the time for your organization to begin or increase employee engagement?

All too often, we hear from people that are just not ready to take his step. It may be they do not believe the right people are present, they may have low trust levels, they may not believe conditions are right, they may believe engagement will not help them, they may not want to take the time for training, or they may have other excuses reasons.

Recognize these reasons for what they are: an excuse to keep from acting or thinking differently. It is as if they believe maintaining the status quo will somehow eliminate the problems it caused.

We cannot wait until the right people are present. They may never be. This excuse is often given with fingers pointing to someone on the other side. Our advice is to worry only about the people they can control – themselves. After all, failing to take action will never improve difficult situations.

Low trust levels will not disappear overnight, but when both sides see the other is committed to engagement, trust does improve. When left on their own without positive efforts, trust deficits generally increase.

The presence of problems in an organization is the best reason to involve employees, not derail engagement opportunities. The problems can be best addresses by engaging the best and most experienced minds in an organization, the employees.

We have written about the benefits of employee engagement in other blog postings over the years. The process provides an excellent opportunity to study the work system and find ways to improve it. Without systemic change, no significant, lasting workplace improvements are possible. The knowledge of the work system possessed by employees helps to find the best solutions to the problems they face.

Effective employee engagement demands the commitment of all involved. It is not a fast process, nor is it one that can happen without organized planning. We encourage teams involved in the engagement process to receive training in how groups can function effectively to solve problems. Yes, training takes time, but the time sent forging an effective team is worth the time investment that was made.

Just about any organization can benefit from an effective employee involvement process. The time to begin enhancing your process is now. Let CALMC know if your organization is ready to take the next step.

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