Disturbing Statistics Show the Need for More Attention to Workplace Safety

No matter how divided they may be, labor and management generally agree on the importance of safe workplaces. It represents a non-divisive topic on which they can begin cooperative employee engagement efforts.

We have written before about the successes we have seen from Safety Always, our employee-management involved safety process. The importance of an effective safety process was driven home by an article I read last week.

According to the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA), workplace fatalities have been rising in Ohio. OSHA investigated 46 fatal work accidents statewide in 2014, compared with 38 in 2011. There have been already been 17 fatal workplace accidents statewide in fiscal year 2015 as of the end of January.

OSHA officials pointed to a lack of attention to safe work practices and training, and the existence of younger and newer manufacturing and construction workforces. They believe a loss of experienced workers due to job cuts and retirements could be resulting in more workers unfamiliar with industry hazards.

Bill Wilkerson, director of OSHA’s Cincinnati area, said “There may be just too little regard being paid to instructing people on safe work practices, having proper safety programs and procedures in place, and making sure that people follow up on these things,”

Falls, being struck by vehicles or materials, and getting caught in equipment are among the major causes of workplace deaths

The article also noted the Directors of Ohio’s four OSHA areas are urging more safety awareness by employers and employees to reverse what Wilkerson called “disturbing trends.”

That’s where CALMC can help. Safety Always has been proven effective in reducing workplace injuries. Organizations that have used this employee involvement process have also maintained the improved safety record over the long-term.

Although sometimes we think of manufacturing when discussing workplace safety, any organization can benefit from Safety Always. This may be particularly true in the public sector, where OSHA reports incidents rates significantly higher than private industry. Can your workplace benefit from an improved safety record? Contact CALMC and learn about the Safety Always process and how it will help you.

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