Did You Know: Employee Involvement Teams Help Keep Your Grass Green

In the last couple of weeks, I’ve read articles about the difficulty employers are experiencing trying to hire qualified workers. As the unemployment rate drops, so does the pool of employment candidates.

This problem has some positive aspects. It’s a good thing, since it means people ae going back to work. It is also a positive for the economy, as more employed workers means more spending. It also creates an opportunity for employee involvement.

As employment increases, it becomes vital to retain existing employees. Our best employees will have the opportunity to leave for greener pastures. They may even be targeted by our competitors.

If we involve employees, they are more likely to feel ownership of what the company is doing. They will be involved in making decisions, helping accomplish the vision of the organization, and feel like a valued part of the organization. The employer benefits from improved employee morale which will help keep staff from leaving.

Employee involvement can help new employees become oriented to their new organization more quickly. Teams can be involved in the hiring process, empowering them to select candidates they feel will be able to work effectively with the team. Existing employees will then help acclimate the new staff, bring them along with the company, and take ownership of their success. The new employees will feel like part of the organization more quickly and will also be more likely to stay.

Retaining employees is becoming increasingly important. Involving employees helps build employee morale, which makes it more likely they will stay as part of a team. Involvement teams help employees realize the grass is greener in their own workplace and make those outside want to look in.


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Columbus Area Labor-Management Committee is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to involving employers and employees to preserve jobs, resolve workplace issues, and promote labor-management cooperation. Visit our website at http://calmc.org
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