To Improve Employee Morale, Start By Increasing Engagement

When we meet with new clients we often hear concerns about employee morale. We certainly understand their concerns and work with them to take positive steps to address them.

Numerous studies have shown the link between employee morale and productivity. Whether it is determined by direct measures of production or examining other factors like sick leave usage or employee turnover, we know more satisfied workers tend to perform better.

How would you respond to this question: “Is employee morale a problem in your organization?”

The answer to the question is “No.” Surprised?

Morale is not a problem. If morale were a problem, perhaps we could fix it by posting a sign. “Your morale must improve by the end of the week. Or else.”

Poor morale is a symptom if other problems. It cannot be addressed in isolation, but only by working on its root causes.

We have helped organizations improve morale by correcting other workplace problems and by showing employees the organization is truly interested in them. It may be done by correcting safety concerns, improving working conditions, providing training, offering flexibility in work hours, or dealing with a variety of other concerns.

Many organizations, particularly small businesses, are concerned about the expense involved in these efforts. There is one step they can take that is fairly inexpensive and almost always works: employee engagement.

Involved employees have the opportunity to address their concerns and find ways to help the organization accomplish its vision and succeed. They will have an increased sense of being valued, feel more ownership of the organization, be more committed to its success, and be less likely to jump ship to another employer, possibly a competitor offering larger salaries and more benefits. The result is increased morale and a stronger organization, a true win-win situation.

Increasing employee engagement is the best starting place to improve workplace morale. It doesn’t have to be expensive, but has the potential to provide great returns for your organization. For assistance with increasing the effectiveness of your employee involvement process, contact CALMC.


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