This week the Tips for Teams on the CALMC Facebook page was to have patience and perseverance whether that is on building labor-management cooperation or resolving a problem. Both patience and perseverance can be difficult qualities to accept in our instantaneous world but they are necessary in order to achieve dreams and accomplishments. Even in the toughest of times it’s necessary to keep working or pursuing our dreams and expectations. As we tell teams, if you keep working on those problems or obstacles, you have a better chance of achieving than not trying at all

It can be very difficult to convince people they have to try or keep trying. When it comes to believing labor-management cooperation can occur in their workplace, some of the people we have talked to think it will never happen. Here in the U.S. things have become so polarized it appears for some to believe cooperation can never take place. The country’s leaders have become so antagonistic with each other and with any group that opposes them that the antagonism filters into everyday work life which causes people to lose hope and throw up their hands. If the country’s leadership can’t demonstrate cooperation or even encourage cooperation than how can it happen at the grassroots level.

Yet some groups don’t give up and are able to overcome the polarity and work on significant issues that can help lay foundation for a better future by showing how labor and management work together despite the outside pressure.

Difficult labor-management relationships occur not just in the U.S. but all over the world. If you go to the website,, the news for labor doesn’t appear to be much better but no matter what country or what issue, it’s important to keep trying, to persevere. This analogy is old but very true. When you start to grow a plant, you have to plant the seed and keep nurturing it. The same is true on building relationships.

When we’ve started working with some groups it has taken more than a year to get both sides to come together but you keep nudging and working at it. Getting people to work together is not as easy as a some people believe. Putting people together and immediately proclaiming them to be a team or simply working together doesn’t always make it happen.

When we work with groups, we encourage them to start on small issues until the relationship is strong enough to work on more difficult issues. By working on smaller issues, it helps to build the relationship.  We also emphasize the importance of perseverance because if you don’t keep trying to work together, nothing will happen. Start planting your seeds.  The patience and perseverance will pay off.

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