You Know About BATNA, How About BATEE?

When preparing for collective bargaining, it is important for both sides to recognize it may not be possible to reach an agreement even though they are negotiating in good faith. Each must consider their best alternative to a negotiated agreement, or BATNA, should negotiations fail to produce a settlement.

Knowing your BATNA can help you determine your strategy for negotiations along with your fall-back positions. While we hope it does not come into play, at least we can be prepared for a negative outcome.

Much like a BATNA, organizations that may be reluctant to implement employee engagement need to determine their alternatives. They need to consider whether their best alternatives to employee engagement (BATEE) are worth it.

We have written numerous blog entries about the advantages of employee engagement. Becoming a world-class organization is virtually impossible without involving employees. Despite the obvious gains the process offers, we still encounter some groups who are so wedded to traditional, hard-line behaviors they are willing to pass up the gains.

Those individuals need to consider the alternatives to employee engagement. Do they really prefer the arguing, accusations, grievances, and bad feeling and believe they will benefit the organization? For some, the apparition of being in control overwhelms the need to move forward. Their BATEE is to hamper the organization and its growth.

If you are working with someone who is hesitant to participate in employee engagement, ask them about their BATEE. Listen to their interests and let them know why the positives of involving employees outweigh their concerns.

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