New Year’s Resolutions for Committees

Last week the challenge put before you was to establish some New Year’s resolutions. This is a good time for a committee to reflect on how it is performing.

One of the ways to do that is to do a self-assessment. A very simple method is to go around from member to member to tell what they think. It can be done verbally or everyone could write down their ideas on note cards (no names on the cards) and put in the middle of a table or a box. They can be read off and could be categorized according to specific areas. Another way would be to obtain an assessment instrument that contains statements on committee functions. Each member would have their own and use a one to five scale on how they think the committee is functioning with each of the statements. This is the type of assessment we use with committees.

Once the self-assessment has been finished and the scoring completed, the information can provide direction for the committee. Maybe the committee needs help with basic meeting functions. There is information available on that topic. We have done some previous blogs on that topic. We also have done some webinars on that topic.

Maybe the committee needs help with problem solving tools. There are a number of problem solving tools available, too. We have blogged about problem solving and, again, have webinars to help. It can help to make meetings more productive.

It also can be a time to determine what the committee wants to be about. Does it want to be a problem solving committee or maybe just a committee that provides updates and information or gather ideas and input to the updates.

Does the committee need new members or more members? Are all the areas of the organization represented?

How about committee ground rules? When was the last time the ground rules were reviewed? Is there a mission statement for the committee? Does it need to be reviewed? What are the committee’s expectations as far as the type of work it should address and should NOT address?

All of these can be part of your committee’s New Year’s resolutions. Start the New Year out right! Maybe your committee could use some training. Working as a group is not always as it easy as people think. CALMC is here to help! Look on the CALMC Facebook page for some exercises to get you started or maybe some other ideas.

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