Poll Results: Which Generation of Workers is Easiest to Manage?

A couple of weeks ago on our Facebook page, we mentioned a poll being conducted on the Columbus Business First website. It asked which generation of workers is easiest to manage. The results, which you can see here, show 53% of respondents picking Baby Boomers, born from 1946-64. The most difficult group were the Millennials, born from 1981-99.

My first thought was to agree with the results. Certainly Baby Boomers must be the easiest with which to work, after all, I’m one of them. I think that is related to the reason the Boomers won in the poll.

The majority of managers responding to the poll were probably Boomers themselves. We generally get along best those similar to ourselves. That is why, when we put together committees, people tend to choose others with their own personality style. While that may result in a group that is comfortable to work with, it will lack a very necessary quality.

The most effective teams have a diverse membership. Their members are from a variety of ages, backgrounds, and personality styles. While teams that match our personality may be easier with which to work, they lack the variety of approaches and experiences possessed by a diverse team.

While people like ourselves may be easier to manage, surrounding ourselves with like individuals is not to most productive method. After all, if everyone else was like you, things could get boring.

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