Conflict Management Assistance

This week we posted our new webinar, Avoiding Conflict Through Effective Communication.  So many times conflicts occur simply because of the wrong choice of words, a certain tone, or non-verbals than convey the wrong message.

In this webinar, we talk about constructive feedback and how to use it appropriately to avoid conflict.  Sometimes messages are sent that we call “you” messages.  These messages can immediately  put someone on the defensive and shut down any further communication.

Without stopping to think how we sound or the reaction created, the “you” message is given.  Examples are “You screwed up!” or “You’re wrong!” or “You didn’t follow my instructions!”.

Along with these messages are vocal tones that convey  anger, frustration or annoyance behind the comment. There are probably some facial expressions that convey the same thing. This usually accomplishes very little.

What is accomplished is conflict.  Trust is destroyed which also wrecks the  relationship which takes a long time to repair – if it can ever be repaired.

On our webinar, we talk about a way to avoid that from happening.  It’s a way to provide constructive feedback, maintain a relationship and maintain a person’s dignity and self-esteem.  It also allows for a change in the procedure or behavior to occur.  It’s not difficult, maybe just a little change.

Conflict can be avoided.  This is just one way.  We have to be open to new ideas and new ways of working on it.  Listen to the webinar on CALMC-On-Demand at  If you have some thoughts or questions, post them on the blog page or on our Facebook page.

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