Are you prepared for employee turnover?

Is employee turnover coming to your organization? As we have noted in other blog entries, an improved economy will create new opportunities for your employees for your employees to find jobs with other employers. Since the ones most likely to secure new jobs are your best and most skilled staff, it is time to think about how to retain them.

I saw an article this week by Karen Swiak from the web site Career Realism, in which she pointed out one of the coming trends in employee turnover. She notes “once the economy picks up, some of the most active job hoppers are likely to be HR personnel who are disgusted with how companies have chosen to treat their staff.” She told the comments of one of her contacts, who believes “a huge changeover in staff is coming, and I don’t think management understands exactly how deep into the organization this discontent has spread.”

Is your organization ready for this? Has the way staff has been treated going to contribute to an employee exodus?

Your labor-management committee or employee engagement teams can play a role in dealing with this concern. They can look proactively at ways to increase employee satisfaction, improve employee treatment, and study reasons that lead to turnover. Hopefully, they are already working on this issue, but it is not too late to start. Do not wait until the turnover has begun.

The committee can use an employee climate assessment to determine workforce attitudes in areas that contribute to turnover. The results of the assessment can help identify specific problems and provide opportunities to correct them. The assessment should be presented as a joint employee-management process as a demonstration of teamwork. We have found that when CALMC conducts the actual assessment and analysis, our role as a neutral third party helps get beyond employee distrust and secure honest answers. We also have experience in developing fair, valid questions for use in the assessment.

The time to start working on employee retention is now. It provides an opportunity to engage your workforce in dealing with the problem before it strikes your organization.

To read Karen’s entire article, which provides ideas for preparing for a post-recession career change, click here.

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