News and Updates from CALMC

A few notes this week about labor-management cooperation, employee engagement, and this blog.

We have moved – If you haven’t noticed our address change in the sidebar, we have moved our office. Our new mailing address is:

2800 South High Street
Columbus, Ohio 43207

Our phone number and email address are unchanged.

Over 2,680 and counting – That is the number of days since the last lost-time accident at Skinner Diesel, one of our Safety Always clients. Once again last quarter, there were no injuries or incidents of any type. Their drivers have logged over 3 million miles without an accident.
The work of the safety committee has helped maintain this exemplary record in an industry prone to sprains, strains, lifting, and other injuries. The result – employees working safely and an improved bottom line through engaging employees in working safely.

Webinars – We have mentioned our series of webinars available at CALMC On-Demand on our website, Coming soon, we will begin a series of programs on Conflict Management. Each of the programs on the site provides a 10-15 minute session to introduce new skills or provide information about employee engagement and labor-management cooperation. Check out the programs on the site and watch for new entries.

This Blog – I want to thank everyone who reads this blog. We have had a lot of positive comments from you about the contents, and have been pleased to see the diversity of our readers. In the last quarter, we have been seen throughout the United States and in 30 other countries.

Thanks for reading. Remember the training and services we offer are available anywhere, not just in Central Ohio. We can deliver our high-quality low-cost services at your location. Just let us know your interests and we will work with you to meet your needs.

About CALMC Blog

Columbus Area Labor-Management Committee is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to involving employers and employees to preserve jobs, resolve workplace issues, and promote labor-management cooperation. Visit our website at
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