Does Your Labor-Management Committee Function as a Team?

This has been a big week in sports. For our readers outside the United States, the National Championship of college basketball is underway, and baseball season began.

Why am I mentioning sports? It is because there are a number of characteristics of winning teams that committees need to display if there are to be effective. Some of them are listed below.

  • Dedicated to achieving their goals – The goal of a sports team is clear – winning. Your LMC should also be dedicated to winning, As in sports, the LMC wins only when all team members win. The LMC needs clear goals and wins by accomplishing them.
  • All functioning together – Teams need to have everyone on the same page. Whether it is players on a sports team all following the same game plan or a committee working through the problem-solving process, everyone must work together. Effective teams recognize their completion comes from outside their organizations, not within,
  • Need for a good coach – Winning sports teams need a good coach, and so does your LMC. Committee coaching can be provided by a neutral facilitator who helps the members develop their plans and provides tools for their accomplishment.
  • Even the best coach cannot win without good players – Ever see a sports team coach who was unsuccessful with one team win championships with another? It is usually not because they suddenly develop wisdom, it is because of the ability of the players. Your LMC needs to have good players, including those who have the authority to make decisions and provide leadership and support to members.
  • Need for training – Sports teams practice regularly and athletes train throughout the year. Your LMC needs training in order to learn new tools and procedures that can help them function in an effective, cooperative manner.
  • You play the way you practice – Good athletes work hard in practice. If an athlete takes shortcuts or does not practice hard, they usually will repeat these behaviors in the game. Team members who take shortcuts during training are also likely to do the same when doing committee work. In both cases, effectiveness is limited.
  • When they win, they keep on working – When a sports team wins a game, they celebrate their accomplishment, then begin preparing for the next one. Your LMC should also celebrate their wins, then move on to their next problem or project. Their work does not stop after a win.
  • Continuous improvement – Winning sports teams always work to get better, and so should your LMC. Learning new tools and continuing training help both get ready for tougher issues.

As you watch your favorite team play, think about these and other parallels to your LMC. Maybe you can convince your boss that watching the game at work is a good thing,

If your LMC is not functioning as a team, contact CALMC. We can help get you there.

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