Another Topic for Employee Engagement: Violence Prevention

I saw an interesting article a while ago about guidelines for preventing workplace violence. If your workplace has not developed or updated its violence prevention plans, it will give you some ideas to get started.

If you are wondering what violence prevention has to do with employee engagement, the answer is (or should be) “everything”.

Developing an effective plan for workplace violence prevention should include involving employees. While experts on the topic can help be certain all required components are present in the plan, they can miss potential problems unique to the location. No matter how good those experts are, they do not have the experience in the workplace possessed by employees.

The people working in an organization know more about their workplace than anyone else. They can point out potential security problems the experts can miss. Whether it’s an unlocked door or a back-way in, employees can point out the hazards that might otherwise be missed.

Your employee-management safety committee can help identify potential security hazards. By meeting regularly, they can also identify situations involving employees or their families that could have a potential for violence.

Fortunately, incidents of workplace violence do not happen very often. With careful planning and the involvement of your employees, you can help minimize the risks they will happen to you.

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