I am blogging about two things in one article.

First of all, this last week we posted another webinar on our CALMC On Demand.  This one is Planning Effective Meetings.  This webinar focuses on specifically on planning the meeting.  We are in the process of doing another webinar which will talk about agendas, minutes and other tools for meetings.  Initially, we had both pieces of information in one webinar but it was way too long so we broke it off into two and Planning Effective Meetings is the first section.  Please visit CALMC On Demand to look at our meeting webinar and other webinars at

A couple of weeks ago I posted articles from Cornell ILR School about unions and their organizing efforts.  Both articles were very interesting.  They both talked about the need for change.  They both had to do with the changing workforce dynamics of a younger generation and their needs and the role women are also playing in unions.  The articles talked about the different needs of the younger generation and of women.  It also talked about women in an organizing role and how women are reshaping organizing efforts.

While some may feel this information does not pertain to them, I think it does because it reflects on what is occurring in the workplace and globally as well.  It may be economic times or it could be what we as a society are demanding but one thing is for sure, change is happening or needs to happen.

There appears to be a struggle now between the way things used to be and the way things need to change.  It was obvious with the U.S. election this week where “change” was the focus by both parties but also this struggle of how to move forward.  Recently at my church, we are having the same discussion.  We recently did a visioning retreat to determine what we need to do move forward.  There was a need to look back at where we have come from but struggling with what do we do to move forward and survive.

At CALMC we are now going through the same thing.  The need for CALMC to change is great and there have been some internal struggles as to how we proceed.  This week some of our group; labor, management and staff; will be getting together to start a “revisioning” of  how we can continue.

We are all up against obstacles as some time or another.  For some of us, it’s now but if we don’t do it together, and, by the way, there are ways we can do it together, it will be a lot more difficult.  I’d rather try it together first just as we have always emphasized on this blog.

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