A Working Labor-Management Committee

Tomorrow we are working with a statewide labor-management committee that is working on their role as a statewide group in relation to local committees and communication between them and the local committees around the state.  They all belong to one department but the committees around the state are local to their worksite.  The members of the statewide come from some of the local worksites.

One of the first things we are doing, in addition to helping them with their committee skills, is to help them identify how they, as representatives from the statewide group want to interact with the local groups.  We are using some techniques we have shown them in a practical approach to work through this issue.  We started at our last session by simply brainstorming a list of expectations.  Tomorrow we will review the lists and ask for any other expectations they may have thought of between sessions and also to give people who were not at the first session an opportunity to come up with their thoughts.  Once we have our lists complete, we will work on consensus on the roles identified.

We have some other items, too, we will be working through with this group.  Not all groups can move through “real-life” workplace issues as quickly but this group is at a level of readiness to do this.  They are a more mature group in their abilities.  The issues we are working on are not too difficult for them to work on but will be a starting place for them as they determine what they are to do and what the local committees need to work on as well as to help them utilize techniques we are showing them.

I don’t want to give too much info out as to what we are planning but we will follow their progress in a later blog.


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