What Is CALMC?

We’ve written a lot of blogs on here, 95 to be exact, but we never really discussed what Columbus Area Labor-Management Committee is all about.  We left that up to our website but many of you are looking for ideas, suggestions, or just plain help and it would be good for you to know about who you’re getting that assistance from without going to the website.

CALMC, a neutral, non-profit organization, was formed in 1986 under the Ohio Labor-Management Cooperation Program, or OLMCP.  Neutral means it is neither labor nor management but helps both to build relationships.  The OLMCP was designed to help improve Ohio’s image of a bad labor climate and to help retain good paying jobs in Ohio.  Other neutral organizations similar to CALMC were formed around the state.  Each received a grant from the state of Ohio under the Dept. of Development to deliver services that would help labor-management relationships.

CALMC was initially set up to serve the Columbus, Ohio, area but CALMC has assisted organizations outside of the Columbus area and Ohio.  CALMC has a governing board of trustees representing community labor and management leaders plus representation from local government.  Here’s what we do:

  • As a non-profit, CALMC provides low-cost services to both union and non-union facilities.
  • In any organization, unionized or non-union, CALMC provides customized services.  It could be team training or leadership training.  When we do these trainings we have one goal in mind and that is to bring everyone together to look at new ways of doing things to remain competitive and help retain jobs.

Look at our blogs on Skinner Diesel.  Skinner is an excellent example of how jobs have been retained and how they continue to look at other areas to be competitive.  We’re currently working with the supervisors to start with other issues to help remain competitive.

  • Services in unionized settings could be just getting labor and management to talk or maybe it’s forming that labor-management committee.  It could be taking the labor-management committee to the next level, strategic planning.
  • Facilitation and facilitator training are available to help groups and teams.  After a team has gone through training and returned to everyday life at work, it is very easy to get caught up in the workplace issues instead of focusing a new tool or technique.  Facilitation following the training can help groups learn better how to apply the tools to real-life issues.  Sometimes it’s much easier to have someone from the outside help with new ways of doing things than trying on your own.  There are some trainers who will leave after the training is completed thinking everyone has learned it – not necessarily.
  • Facilitation is especially important when labor and management want to improve their relationship.  There have been lots of interest about labor-management cooperation and the common interests of both. It is much easier if you have a facilitator to help.  Learning to work together takes times and commitment from everybody.  The best groups did best because they were committed, not because of CALMC.
  • We have free breakfast meetings three times a year with speakers who talk about workplace topics which may include current events.  Our board members provide the location and the meal.  Our next breakfast meeting is April 25th, at Ohio State University. Speakers from the newly created private sector JobsOhio organization and the state agency formerly responsible for economic development will be talking about job retention and expansion for Ohio.
  • The annual golf outing helps to bring everybody together to have a good time – even for the non-golfers!
  • CALMC also helps those who are being laid off, especially state workers.  By providing services to people who will be laid off, it helps them adjust so they can transition quicker into a new job.
  • Another service we will be doing soon is webinars.  We will be starting with Intro to Facilitation.  Watch for more details.

We at CALMC will continue to do this blog and provide other services.  If any of you need help or have questions, we are here.  Keep reading our blogs for more ideas.  Thanks!

About CALMC Blog

Columbus Area Labor-Management Committee is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to involving employers and employees to preserve jobs, resolve workplace issues, and promote labor-management cooperation. Visit our website at http://calmc.org
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