CALMC Membership Meeting Recap

One of the CALMC activities I enjoy the most are our membership meetings. During these sessions, our members and their guests come together and enjoy the opportunity to network with each other over breakfast. We also feature a speaker or presentations on a topic relevant to both labor and management.

Our most recent meeting was February 29, and was hosted by the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 683, with breakfast sponsored by the Central Body of the Franklin County AFL-CIO.

The featured speaker was Tim Burga, President of the Ohio AFL-CIO. He spoke of the continuing importance of the labor movement in helping to preserve the American economy and good jobs. He cited historical events in the labor movement and how they relate to current situations.

Tim also spoke of the importance of labor-management cooperation in helping create and preserve jobs, including his work with companies hoping to bring new jobs to Ohio in the oil and gas fracking industry. He noted that some would be surprised to hear of his efforts to work with these employers in such a controversial industry. He pointed out the importance of the union in ensuring the jobs to be created are safe and workers are treated fairly.

President Burga also cited some of the work done by CALMC in promoting cooperation and preserving jobs, noting the importance of our efforts to bring labor and management together.

Our audience was composed of labor and management representatives from Central Ohio, as well as other neutrals and interested people. Both sides came together to hear our speaker and discuss their mutual issues and concerns. You can see pictures of the event on the CALMC Facebook page.  While you’re there, click on the “Like” button.

Our meetings are open to CALMC members and guests. Our next meeting is scheduled for April 25, and will be at The Ohio State University, Facilities, Operations, and Development Training Center. It will feature presentations from the Ohio Department of Development and Jobs Ohio on job creation and preservation efforts in Ohio.

Sound interesting? We will have more information in an upcoming blog. Let us know if you would like to attend.

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