How Engaged Are Your Employees?

This week, a Minneapolis consulting group released the results of their study on employee engagement. The findings of Modern Survey ( indicate the level of employee engagement is at a new low.

The survey found 70% of employees to be either disengaged or under engaged at their jobs, a record high since the company began their surveys. Only 8% of employees felt fully engaged, which represents a record low level. Only 34% held positive beliefs about the future of their organizations.

Modern Survey indicates faith in the overall health and direction of the organization is now the top predictor of employee engagement, replacing predictors like recognition/appreciation, personal accomplishment and career development.

Employees who do not feel engaged have lower levels of pride in their jobs and decreased willingness to put in extra effort. The quality of their work suffers, customer service worsens, and the entire organization is hurt.

Despite the low levels of engagement, only 20% of participants indicated they were actively seeking new jobs. While the economy is certainly a factor in this result, it indicates under engaged employees will continue to be a workplace concern unless positive steps are taken to reverse these feelings.

The engagement levels of employees can be increased by directly involving them in indentifying and resolving workplace concerns, setting organizational goals, and developing strategies to improve the quality of products and services. A sense of ownership and pride in the organization and belief in its direction will develop.

How would employees in your organization respond to this survey? Do you take steps to actively involve your employees? Let us know if you are interested in measuring the level of employee engagement in your organization or increasing employee involvement.

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