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I read this article in Businessweek posted on Oct. 7th by Liz Ryan,  a former Fortune 500 HR Executive.  She calls this the Employee Bill of Rights but what she actually provides is an outline for a good way of managing a successful business.  Ms. Ryan has written about the 10 “rights” as a guide for managing the culture of an organization.  Here are the 10:

1. The Right to Be Hired Based on Qualifications

2. The Right to Be Paid the Market Wage

3. The Right to Know What’s Expected

4. The Right to Succeed Together

5. The Right to Have a Life

6. The Right to Speak Up

7. The Right to Be Treated With Respect

8. The Right to Keep Learning

9. The Right to Relevant Information

10. The Right to Share Their Story

Ms Ryan provides more explanation with  the “rights”.  I won’t go into detail about them here but she tells about the mistakes that can be made by not following them and how a business can benefit by following them.

It’s a great article!  Enjoy it and I hope you can use the ideas! Here’s the link:

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