A Lonnng List of Ideas to do Labor-Management Cooperation or an Employee Involvement Process

In the spring, CALMC and its counterparts in Toledo, Dayton and the Employee Ownership Center at Kent State did a webinar on joint leadership training. A link to the webinar is on a previous blog and on the CALMC website.

Before we did our webinar, we compiled a list of 10 reasons why labor-management cooperation is important. There were so many reasons it was hard to keep the list at 10 so we identified 43 different reasons and narrowed our list down to prioritize the top 10 just as we encourage committees to do when they develop a long list of ideas. The result is what is in the webinar but there were also a lot of other good ideas identified.

Most of these ideas can work for any organization, including non-union organizations, too. The entire list is below:


a) More productive workforce
b) Help the organization be more competitive – Increased global competitiveness
c) Help to reduce costs
d) Can allow for more flexibility in the workplace
e) Help with customer service issues
f) Provides a voice to workplace decisions and policies
g) Different perspective to a problem
h) Both sides work together on workplace problems
i) New and more ideas
j) Better buy-in to workplace decisions, changes, and policies if employees are involved in discussion and/or decision making process
k) Both sides find out they have more in common than they thought they did
l) More time is devoted to problem solving instead of fighting and arguing
m) Demonstrates more concern and empathy for each side
n) Better communication
o) Relationship builder
p) Sharing of information
q) Can help to create high-performance workplaces
r) Leadership skills can be developed, enhanced
s) Training issues can be identified, resolved
t) Better understanding of the problems the organization faces
u) Absenteeism issues can be addressed
v) Can help with safety and workers comp. issues
w) Can work together on strategic, long-term organizational goals
x) Have some common vision
y) Learn to identify other side’s concerns and work to resolve those concerns
z) Greater awareness of what happens in the workplace
aa) Can help with problem employees
bb) Unions provide a united voice
cc) Helps build a better skilled workforce
dd) More united workplace
ee) Trust is improved
ff) Morale can be improved
gg) Not a quick fix or flavor-of-the month but a long term process that can last over time
hh) Can reduce the number of grievances and the amount of time devoted to the grievance process
ii) Together, we are smarter than any one of us
jj) Everyone deserves voice in planning their future
kk) No one knows more about the job than the person doing it. This process uses that knowledge.
ll) Problems in an organization belong to everyone, and all need to have a stake in solving them
mm) Ability to jointly discover and address both short and long term needs and goals
nn) Better way of doing business
oo) Job retention and creation – keeping good jobs in Ohio
pp) The whole is greater than the sun of its parts
qq) A cooperative environment gives the
perception of a more business friendly state

Now, If there are at least 43 different reasons on this list to do labor-management cooperation, or employee involvement, don’t you think it’s time to try it? The challenge is for you to come up with more.

About CALMC Blog

Columbus Area Labor-Management Committee is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to involving employers and employees to preserve jobs, resolve workplace issues, and promote labor-management cooperation. Visit our website at http://calmc.org
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